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Rosenne Lynn Photography | Boudoir Photographer



"self love has very little to do
with how you feel about your outer self.
it's about accepting all of yourself"

tyra banks

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Through the art of Boudoir Photography, our main objective is to ensure you leave the studio feeling absolutely beautiful, confident within yourself, like the Queen you are. To truly show every single woman how incredibly gorgeous they are regardless of age, sexual orientation, race, shape, size, or the life journey they have taken. This boudoir experience is so much more than dressing up and having your hair and makeup done. It's about breaking free of your inner darkness, the social stereotypes, and embracing your own unique beauty as you are. I strongly believe every woman deserves to feel confident, inspired, worthy, and most importantly, sexy. 


trust the process

A boudoir photography session is  special a gift for yourself, and definitely something you'll never forget. Spend the day with Boudoir Photographer, Rosenne Carman, for a fun, empowering, confidence-boosting experience that will leave you feeling absolutely radiant. You'll see yourself in a way you have never have before, a new light, while embracing your body's natural beauty. We both know you're always putting everyone else first, so Girl, it's time we start celebrating you!



Feeling nervous is 100% normal, so scheduling a phone consultation is the perfect way for us to get to know one another, and for you learn more about boudoir photography. During your consultation, we will chat about what you would like to gain from this experience, what to do before your boudoir session, how the day's process is going to go, collection pricing, and answer any questions you may have. 



We dedicate the whole day to celebrate YOU! The day of your session has been made easy, so much fun, and will definitely show you a side of yourself you've never seen before. You'll feel confident in the skin your in, including your perfect imperfections, and will leave you feeling radiant. Let's re-discover who you are together, finding the goddess within, and let her shine in a world full of unrealistic expectations.



We've created a gorgeous home studio dedicated specifically to boudoir with every item hand picked with you in mind. With different textiles, colour themes, and moveable furniture (this becomes very handy!), this allows us to create freely. You'll adore this safe judgement-free space, and will feel completely relaxed and at home in no time! 



Finding the perfect outfits for your boudoir session can be daunting, but that's where we love to help! Prior to your scheduled appointment date, you and Rosenne will discuss wardrobe to ensure you're both on the same page, and worst case scenario, there's the client closet. No matter your size or body style, we've got you covered (well, sort of!) with styles to purchase as well. 



The day of your session, our hair and makeup artist will be at the studio ready to primp and pamper you! Once complete, Rosenne will guide you through the poses that accentuate your best features, adjusting every detail, while showing you images along the way. This is where the transformation truly begins, our favorite part, and will show you  just how extraordinary you are (booty and all!). 



Shortly after your session, on the same day (yep, you betcha!), a personalized slideshow will be revealed with all your boudoir images. These images are both powerful and beautiful, and enjoy the final part celebrating you. We will look through studio samples and discuss our premium portrait collections, luxury leather albums, and wall art options. The perfect way to display your gorgeous self.




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Ready for your boudoir experience? Have more questions we can help answer? Please complete the contact information below, and Rosenne will contact you directly! Alternatively, feel free to email Rosenne directly at


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