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hello, gorgeous.



I'm Rosenne! I'm a wife, a mother to two beautiful daughters, a huge Seattle Seahawks NFL fan, absolutely in love with the ocean, and have a mild obsession with all things cats. Growing up, I always knew I wanted to help women, and had a huge love for photography - I just didn't know it then to mesh the two together. To be honest, I fell into boudoir photography completely by accident, but that first day changed my life forever. Before then, I felt lost in the world, not knowing what to do. But afterwards, I knew exactly what I had to do with my life. I fell absolutely in LOVE (which is a complete understatement) with the boudoir process, and over 5 years later, my all time favorite part of the day is when I get to show you, you. Where you truly see yourself for the first time (and surprising you with how amazing your booty is). This. This is what I love.

WHAT I DO at Rosenne Lynn Photography is help you see your unique beauty. To stop questioning it. Because you are gorgeous. My job as a photographer/cheerleader/best friend is to magnify what’s already inside you. I know we all struggle to find time for ourselves when there’s work, kids, and life stress eating up all our time. But what if you could forget all of that for a few hours and simply live? Simply unleash your inner goddess. What if you could flourish in a space where there’s no judgment, no fear, and no comparing yourself to others? You owe it to yourself because you are worthy of your own self-love, the love you continue to show everyone else on a daily basis. Boudoir photography changed my life, and now I'm so excited for it to change yours.



Be fierce. Your confidence will be contagious.


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